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Goodnights for Christmas

Nasza Księgarnia, 2018

A collection of 11 fairy tales by the best Polish writers of children's literature.
Who gives presents to Santa? Who will stray Florentyna go to for Christmas Eve? How to spend Christmas when dad is away? Where did the letters to Santa go?

Is Christmas possible? – The answers to these questions can be found in bedtime stories for small and large. In addition, you will also read in them about delicious Santa's pancakes with cinnamon, a pooch named Gwiazdka, who saved some holidays, an unexpected guest and an infant king in a feed trough, and about carp Cyprian, the seventeenth helper of Angel.
"Goodnights for Christmas" authors:

Manuela Gretkowska, Agnieszka Tyszka, Justyna Bednarek, Zofia Beszczyńska, Grażyna Bąkiewicz, Beata Ostrowicka, Paweł Beręsewicz, Małgorzata Strękowska- Zaremba, Roksana Jędrzejewska-Wróbel, Barbara Kosmowska and Zofia Stanecka.


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