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The Friends of Giraffe

CoJaNaTo, 2017

A forest corner, a special place where dialogue is put on. Where differences do not constitute barriers, but are a platform for learning, interesting cooperation and building unique relationships.
We are different, each of us has different emotional needs and is differently motivated. But we can communicate, it is possible. All you need is time and willingness to be able to understand, accept and simply like, and sometimes even love ...
We are all important, so values ​​like empathy, trust, understanding, forgiveness, cooperation and fun should always be in the right place. That we would have a nice and happier life. Well, but it is not always so perfect. For various reasons, sometimes the world storms.
In sixteen stories we will meet a giraffe and her giraffe friends who, despite enormous differences (which often cause suffering) try to understand each other. We will learn how to solve problems that happen to children and adults in different situations and every day.

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