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 Welcome to Dead Town


When her parents disappear, 12 -year-old Raven McKay is put into foster
care with Kitty Stromsoe in the town of Grave's Pass. It's not an
ordinary town. It's a town where the living and the dead live side by
side, but few wear their identity on their sleeves.

All her parents have left Raven is a battered beige suitcase with a
faded black butterfly sticker and a note saying not to open the suitcase
until the right time. But can she resist? And who among the living and
the dead are her friends?

Grave's Pass has two mayors: one for the living and one for the dead --
an arrangement that implies that the two know how to live comfortably
side by side.

But beneath the surface lurk dark desires, old mistrusts and vivid

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