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Sleeping stories

We, book's creators, worked on it pro bono and all proceeds from the
sale of the publication were donated to the Great Orchestra of Christmas
Charity, whose 30th finale took place on 30 January 2022.

"Sleeping Tales" by Mark and Marta Niwald are not the classic fairy
tales we have become accustomed to in our culture: the animals that
appear in them are mostly real, not Aesopian-allegorical (except for the
flies in their noses that flew off the tongue). They don't have morals,
they don't end with a Beethovenian coda, and there are no magic or
supernatural powers. The characters do not experience a miraculous
transformation and do not 'live happily ever after'. The world is
beautiful, but it can sometimes be cruel, and we have no control over
it. The narrator does not pretend to be omniscient, because that would
be unbelievable. He simply doesn't know what happened next. He doesn't
elaborate, he leaves room for conjecture, which can develop into a
But these fairy tales don't just prepare you for being-in-a-dream. They
also prepare you for being-in-the-world.
Michał Rusinek (foreword)

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