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Letters to A. Alzheimer lives with us

Wydawnictwo Poradnia K, 2019

The White Ravens 2020 Award


What to do when the world suddenly turns upside down. What to do if a odd stranger enters the house, Mr. A., without anyone's consent, entraps a person close to us and introduces total chaos. How to deal with loss and powerlessness, irrevocability. How to deal with a situation where everything that has been simple so far becomes a maze that is difficult to understand?
Amelia, the youngest granddaughter, writes letters to Alzhaimer, asking him to leave her beloved grandmother alone. He believes that he will find arguments for him moving out once and for all. Will this work out?
A warm tale of Anna Sakowicz, in the form of letters written by the main character who fights for her grandmother's health. Not only writing, but also using his passion for joint activities and strengthening relationships.

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