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Road to the Stars. The Story of Nicolaus Copernicus

Literatura, 2019

Why did Copernicus have a crooked, humped nose? It seems not for hereditary reasons.
He was undoubtedly extraordinary, but he also had quite ordinary boyish accidents (antics).
Life in Renaissance Toruń flourished, people worked, traded, cats attacked (other cats;)), and little Santa went to school and learned to live among his peers.
And he wondered how each of us wants to become. Are you a great explorer? Or maybe a rich merchant like his dad?
Liberal arts bachelors (the most outstanding teaching staff) opened horizons of thought about the world and the future. A life full of normal days, dreams and great discoveries.
Although Copernicus did not live up to his claims, his dream came true.
The story leads us through the world of childhood fascination with the sky and stars, great dreams, youthful stubbornness, willingness to learn, openness to the world, to the great work "On the Revolutions of the Heavenly Spheres". In difficult and unobvious times, where dreams and visionary were not of such great importance and of such great value as today ...
"The discoveries of Copernicus, followed by Brahe, Kepler and Galileo, marked the beginning of an era of development not only in astronomy but also in physics. And despite the passage of hundreds of years, they inspire today ... "

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