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Ewa Beniak-Haremska

Born in 1973 in Łódź. Illustrator of children's books.

I draw and paint since I can remember. I exhibited my dreamy works at home and abroad. I lived in Italy for several years, developing drawing and painting, and achieving new artistic goals.

Currently I live in Warsaw, Poland.

I cooperate with many publishing houses.

I actively support art education among children and youth -

I run art workshops in schools and cultural institutions in various Polish cities. I continously deepen my skills by studying art graphics at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw.

I explore the artistic phenomenon of illustration and its role in books addressed to young readers. I observe the mechanism of image perception at various stages of development.

In my free time I run after exhibitions, paint or sketch with a pen and ink, design posters. I also write children's books. I study biographies, old letters, classical and performative poetry.
I value meetings and contact with people - I am a member of an artistic group called "Like in a Bushel of Poppy".

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My Atelier


Workshops for children

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Annuario d'Arte Moderna

Artisti Contemporanei "2005"

When I lived and worked in Italy...

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