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Ewa Beniak-Haremska

Born in 1973 in Łódź. I am a painter, illustrator and graphic designer.

By education I am a specialist in Artistic Weaving Techniques. I continuously deepen my skills by studying art graphics at the Academy of

Fine Arts in Warsaw. I have been drawing since I can remember. I cooperate with many publishing houses and cultural institutions. My

paintings and illustrations have been exhibited in galleries in many

cities in Poland and abroad, mainly in Rome, where I developed my

drawing and painting under the guidance of masters. I am the winner of

many awards, including the 2023 international illustrator's competition

"Italy Perfect. Illustration for Italo Calvino" in Bologna.

I have illustrated dozens of books. I am also fascinated by the power of

the poster - the medium of artistic play, sign, metaphor, allusion. And

on this level I have realised many projects. I am interested in many

artistic techniques, in masterful drawing, I passionately search for a

new formula, composition, poeticism and, above all, magic. In my free

time, I take up writing. I love Polish, Scandinavian, French and Eastern

literature. Biographies, old letters and performance poetry. I like mystery and solitude, a craftsmanlike approach to my work. I like to

look at the world from afar. I like trees, which are a frequent motif in

my work, a testimony to my spiritual state.

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